Around Montreal, 10 june 2004

Two middle aged men make their way across a rocky path, the sharp stones and fierce sun torture them. One of them is pushing a top-heavy tackle carrier. " You want me to have a go?" Peter asks Bob. "Please do!" Bob mumbles and empties a water container. Shaking his head Peter oversees the burden; ±175 lbs maize in a big green container [Just enough for a day, according to Bob], a 50 Quart cool box, two adjustable carp chairs, a big unhooking mat and on it rods, nets and rod pods...all in all ±300 lbs. read more


Around Montreal II

A hot June morning, no cloud to be seen…not the outlook for a good carp fishing session you’d think? Wrong…the takes come quick and violent, one nice carp after the other, shortly, meets landing net and unhooking mat. The small beach area is covered with small golden nuggets, spilled after baiting up, no raccoons here apparently. I have a weak spot for those masked bandits despite their local nickname ‘garbage rats’.read more