Canadian Carp Safari's are custom made guided trips, my starting price is 500 Euro´s a week, no ticket, no meals. You buy the fishing license too, as you have to show a passport, 30 canadian $ for a week, and 52 canadian $ for the season.

I will pick you up and bring you to the airport. Three freshly prebaited swims will be waiting for you ! You get a full 100lb bag of soaked maize daily, based on two sharing a swim, plus the pails and containers. I have bivvy, tent, chair, bed, cool boxes etc ready for you to use.

I will accompany you all the time, usually fishing myself. Will you bring your own tackle or do you prefer to rent? Do you prefer a motel right on the riverbank? Do you want a boat? Or do you prefer to camp out, and have your dinner brought by speedboat? Or do you prefer your own Van; maybe even want to use it as a camper?

Would you like to try catching a musky or a lake sturgeon too? Most of my guests prefer fishing during the day…and go out for dinner and a drink in the evening. As I stay close to Montreal, day trips are possible.

Downtown, the Casino, Grand Prix Formula I, the National Parks and the many festivals are some of the summer attractions. Or maybe you want to go for a 2 day trip whale watching in the St. Lawrence river ?

By email (or phone) I will try to figure out what your wants and needs are, I will than formulate a personal offer and send you some articles, pictures etc. Usually my Dutch guests will attend a slide show presentation, which is helpful in fine-tuning your needs.

I'm always available for advise on all aspects of your trip , as your holiday is paramount and I will take a lot of time for your preparations. How we will be fishing, baiting, the materials needed, clothing advise, travel and luggage tips. There will be no surprises apart for the carp !

I look forward to planning your trip !